How to spy your competition’s facebook ad’s in 2019 [No Tool]

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Hack: how to spy your competitors facebook ad’s

See witch ad’s are running on your competitions facebook page

This hack is very simple. Read on to find out how to spy on competition on facebook and find out what ads your competition’s site is currently showing. We also look at how you can see which funnel is being used.

To see which ads your competition is running on facebook, go to:




2.) On the left sidebar, click on “Info & Ads”


3.) See all ads currently displayed from this page on facebook and all associated advertising networks (instagram, audience network and facebook feed..).


Now you know exactly how many and which facebook ads your competition is running right now. You can also use this method to inspire yourself when creating ads.

Hint: see wich funnel steps your competitor is using

To see which funnel your competitor is using on facebook, look out for the following characteristics when viewing the ads. (The funnel which is shown as an example, refers to the normal process: awareness, consideration, purchase)




First we have a look on the ACP funnel. At the awareness level, potential customers are addressed for the first time. Accordingly, the message is still general.

On the consideration level we give the customer a clear offer to which he can respond – he already knows us. Purchase/ or Lead is the level at which we actively go into sales. Alternatively, we advertise explicitly with a call to action for an signup ec.


Awareness level

information is general, e.g. “with Shopify you can build a great online shop”

Recognition features: information is more general – branding video, rough explanation of what it’s all about
Implemented: attracts the target group’s attention



Consideration level

less general information – more specific topics “..join now for free..”

Recognition features: often there will be a first offer to signup, join.. . In most cases there will be some information regarding the business
Implemented: makes people consider your offer



Purchase level

a clear offer without explaining the business case “buy now!”

Recognition features: often times special offers (like buy 2 get 3), clear call-to-actions
Implemented: gets people to close the deal



Did you enjoy the hack? You now know how to spy on competition on facebook. Btw. another good tool to get inspiration from advertisements of your competition ist the following free plugin for chrome: Turbo Ad Finder. Write me a comment which techniques and tools you prefer to get more information of your competitors.

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