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3 audiobooks that every founder should have heard


In my work with over 12 startups I have accompanied many of their first steps, with a new idea. I have noticed that most founders have a routine when it comes to acquiring new knowledge. With me it’s often the times I commute. There I like to acquire new knowledge through audiobooks.

An important tip: learn only what you need at the moment. So you do not fall into the trap of acquiring knowledge in an area that you cannot apply practically.

When I look at founder personalities, the following values are particularly important to me:

  • Speed/ flexibility
  • Effectiveness/ efficient time management
  • leadership
  • Daily training / reflection

In order to develop all these values/skills, I have summarized the 3, in my opinion, best founders of audio books for you here:


The top 3 audiobooks for founders


Tribes – Seth Godin*


“We need you to guide us.” Tribe” is another audiobook by the well-known marketer and leadership expert, Seth Godin on Audible. In the audio book Seth Godin reveals the reasons why we need more leaders today than ever before.

The most important thing: how do you become a leader? Seth answers this question and at the same time gives practical strategies/tips on how to incorporate the contents into one’s life. From our modern, connected world more and more possibilities arise to take responsibility and to slip into the role of a leader. These opportunities are also described in detail in “Tribe”. The audiobook is compact with its almost 4 hours of reading and therefore a very good option to delve deeper into the subject of Tribes & Leadership.

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How to Win Friends & Influence People*


When it comes to personal development, Dale Carnegie’s book is certainly one of the best and most comprehensive works. The principles described here can be applied for both business and private success. Basically, the audiobook is about dealing with people.

Above all how to communicate with people WITHOUT insulting, hurting or mocking them. Very interesting are the examples that are made to the individual principles. Dale Carnegie allows you to quickly get a good feeling for frustration-free communication with people/business partners.

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The Founders Mentality – die Gründer Mentalität*


The Founders mentality, as the name suggests, revolves around the mindset of a successful founder. According to the authors Zook and Allen, the goal is to restore speed, focus and connection with customers. Think in MVP’s.

The principles described in the audiobook apply not only to founders and startups, but also to existing companies. According to the authors, the content is based on years of studies in over 40 countries.

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Bottom Line – Audiobooks For Founders:

As a founder, it is particularly important to manage your time well. In “the 7 habits of highly effective people*” Stephen R. Covey gives good clues on how to increase your own effectiveness. In my opinion, one of the best audiobooks of all time is Dale Carnegie’s “How to win an influence people*”. Dealing with and influencing other people, customers and investors is more important than ever as a founder.

The principles taught in the book can also be applied without conditions to private life. I can really recommend the audiobook. One audiobook I’ve rediscovered but I like very much is “The Founders Mentality*”. Here you will learn a lot about the Mindset of a successful founder.

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