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3 audiobooks that every startup
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In my daily work with startups, I have repeatedly realized how important it is to train further every day. In the following article I have summarized the, in my opinion, 3 best audiobooks for prospective/successful startup founders.
From my work/ experience with over 12 startups I can say that the following values are decisive when generating traction in a startup:

  • Speed/ flexibility
  • Fast iterations
  • Consistent tests
  • Daily education/ reflection

These values are crucial for a quick and efficient start. 
A tip I can give: only learn what you need at the moment!
 If you are going to launch a product today, then learn just in time what you need to complete your task. Avoid informing yourself in advance about things that are not yet relevant to you.

Now we come to the TOP 3 audio books for startup founders.


The top 3 audiobooks for startup founders


Traction – get grip on your business*


One of the most important things when setting up a startup is Traction. How do I get interested parties to deal with my offer? But even as a grown company it can be helpful to ask yourself how to build Traction in a new market.

Gino Wickman’s audiobook is a complete guide that provides a very good overview of the existing Traction channels. Gino describes practical ways to quickly generate Traction. Marketing differs from Traction in that classical marketing often works on a large budget. Traction is mainly about learning quickly, confirming the necessary hypotheses and preparing the scaling of the channel.


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The Lean Startup*


Most startups fail. That’s a fact. But many of the mistakes are avoidable, says Eric Ries. Lean Startup is considered to be a new, effective and above all lean process to found new companies/ startups. The main point of this approach is to waste little time.

Eric redefines the conventional way of creating, planning and appraising business plans. Lean Startup is about speed, fast iterations and tests. This makes The Lean Startup one of the most successful audiobooks in the startup and business sector. My personal assessment, among other things through my work with over 12 startups, confirms this.


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Crush it! By Gary Vaynerchuk*


Why it’s time to act NOW! Gary Vaynerchuck, the specialist in social media marketing, explains in his audiobook “Crush It”, how to build up a business on the basis of your own interests via the Internet.

He himself has invested years to transform a local family business, into a national leader. While doing so, he had many failures and learnings on his way becoming a personal brand. He shares these learnings with you in his book “Crush It”. One of the most important points of the book is to DO.


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Bottom Line:

The audiobooks Traction, The Lean Startup and the 4-hour-startup, are all audiobooks i have read/heard myself and are highly recommended.
Especially the audiobook Traction, gives a very good insight with which channels you can quickly validate your value proposition to start. Lean Startup provides you with the methodology to quickly and efficiently develop a product that your customers love. So these are my 3 best audiobooks for startup founders i can recommend.

What do you think? Write me a comment down below.


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